Energy Healing For Your Living Space & Beyond

Energy Healing For Your Living Space & Beyond


1 NON REFUNDABLE Seat Reservation for Energy Healing For Your Living Space & Beyond

Date: August 21
Class Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: $70

Please bring a journal to take notes. Journals will also be available for purchase.

Attendees will be taking home their own energy healing kit provided by class

All attendees will receive a 15% off voucher to be used for purchases made during the class.

In this workshop you will learn all the basics and beyond for a successful energy healing of your living space. By removing negative energy from your living or work space you can live a more peaceful life. When people live in an environment free of negative energy they sleep better, experience more prosperity, and love and serenity are able to thrive. The techniques we will cover include setting intention, using sacred herbs, sound healing, pendulums, blessings, and protection. Whatever your current spiritual practice you will walk away with new tools to create the world in which you want to live.

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